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HWDI Scenario: Getting Coming Soon Products

HWDI [How We Do It] will be series of business queries and there answers using Oracle Commerce. When there are new products [example The New MacBook] which are coming to market and your website need to handle a situation, where you want to allow users to providing their email for future contacts and information as the device becomes available for sale. Also […]

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Workbench and MDEX Connectivity

Few cartridges (Custom/OOTB) communicate directly with the MDEX engines for performing an operation and also communicate with the EAC applications managed by Workbench. Oracle Endeca Guided Search integration includes a number of components to facilitate both types of communication. AssemblerApplicationConfiguration Component Class “atg.endeca.assembler.configuration.AssemblerApplicationConfiguration” has properties defined for MDEX and Workbench config and many others. (For example baseApplicationName, locales, recordIdName, recordTypeName, recordSourceName, defaultLanguageForApplications, keyToApplicationName). […]

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Dimension not showing in Endeca Workbench

Endeca Workbench doesn’t query MDEX directly for getting information on “Dimension Ordering” which mostly Endeca JSP Ref app does. For workbench to know the newly created Dimension and Dimension Values execute ConfigManagerComponent.updateWsDimensions() // If it’s Oracle Endeca Commerce 11.1 WorkbenchManager.updateWsConfig(); Deployment template Baseline Update script is configured to call this method after index distribution completes. Let's Share

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Oracle Endeca Commerce Installation On Openshift

Below are details on how we can install Oracle Endeca on Openshift.  Components involved in Oracle Endeca Commerce    Oracle Commerce Guided Search    Oracle Commerce Experience Manager       Oracle Commerce Guided Search and Oracle Commerce Experience Manager are the most effective way for your customers to dynamically explore your site and find relevant and desired items quickly.  […]

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Relevance Ranking Modules

Following are relevance ranking modules which decide ordering of records in Endeca. Exact: The Exact module provides a finer grained, but more computationally expensive alternative to the Phrase module. It groups results into three strata: 1. Results whose complete text matches the search terms exactly. 2. Results that contain the search terms as an exact substring. 3. Other hits, such […]

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ATG-Endeca: Range Dimension

Creating Range dimension This documentation will help you on getting the Price as Range dimension using ATG-Endeca. Ease while creating range price dimension using developer studio UI. But for creating these dimension used for ATG-Endeca integration is a bit of work. An example: demo.price                Under $100                $100 – $500                $500 – $1000                Over $1000 For this […]

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Oracle Endeca Tech Performance Tools Guide

How to perform performance test both for throughput and latencies for my MDEX engine Note: The below information is for testing MDEX engine performance only. Additional tools is required to test performance running through your front end application. To test MDEX engine performance, we use a program called eneperf. The first is a command line tool included with Endeca. Essentially […]

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Remove Endeca Application

Do not simply remove the Endeca application directories or delete EAC state directories (ENDECA_CONF/state/eac*) from in the file system. This leaves application artifacts, which can cause naming conflicts when creating a new project with the same name. Steps to remove an Endeca application: Invoke the deployment template command to remove the application. For example: <Endeca-app-dir>controlruncommand.sh|bat –remove-app Democontrolruncommand.sh|bat –remove-app Drop the […]

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ORACLE ENDECA – JSP Reference Implementation not working

Error: Once we are done will all smooth Endeca installation, application creation and baseline. If we try to run the endeca jsp ref application we get following error com.endeca.navigation.ENEException: Navigation Engine not able to process request ‘http://localhost:15000/graph?node=0&offset=0&nbins=10&irversion=620’. Cause: This is because API version is not matching the Endeca installation version. The API version getting referred is Endeca  6.2.0 and the […]

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