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Running Elastiscsearch as a Service on Windows

Windows users can configure Elasticsearch to run as a service to run in the background or start automatically at startup without any user interaction. Script service.bat” under “C:\elasticsearch-x.x.x\bin” folder which allows one to install, remove, manage or configure the service and potentially start and stop the service, all from the command-line. c:\ELK\elasticsearch-x.x.x\bin>service.bat Usage: service.bat install|remove|start|stop|manager Let's Share

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Elasticsearch Basics

At the core of elasticsearch’s intelligent search engine is Lucene. It’s highly scalable, real-time search, distributed and analytics and is natively JSON + REST API. In this tutorial we’ll look at some components and features of Elasticsearch.   Cluster A cluster is a collection of one or more nodes that together holds your entire data and provides federated indexing and search capabilities across all nodes. […]

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Elasticsearch Getting Started

Highly scalable, real-time search, distributed and analytics open source search engine build on top of Lucene and is natively JSON + REST API. In this tutorial we’ll look at some of the key concepts when getting started with Elasticsearch [ES]. Key Points Open Source Based on Lucene RESTful API Highly configurable Runs on the JVM Data exploration Distributed: Cluster, fail over, replication, […]

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