HWDI Scenario: Getting Coming Soon Products

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HWDI Scenario: Getting Coming Soon Products

HWDI [How We Do It] will be series of business queries and there answers using Oracle Commerce.

When there are new products [example The New MacBook] which are coming to market and your website need to handle a situation, where you want to allow users to providing their email for future contacts and information as the device becomes available for sale. Also you need to maintain same URL from device announcement through device general availability for sale.

With Oracle Endeca Experience Manager we can do easily. Simple step below will guide you through.

  • Create a page in Oracle Endeca Experience Manager for The New MacBook as /pages/apple/theNewMackBook
  • Create a page template which will display registration screen for future contacts and information as it becomes available for sale. This is just a POC implementation, actual details and implementation might have more complex page template which will easily interact with ATG component for getting customer specific Personalization.

TheNewMacBookBeforeSaleComing Soon

  • Once the device is on sale we can change Oracle Endeca Experience Manager page template to display product specification and details.



  • We are maintaining the URL which will positively benefit from SEO standpoint.


All technical details are not discussed here, these are details on how to maintain SEO for a page and changing content of the page with Oracle Endeca Experience Manager. This implementation will leverage same PDP URL consistently through all phases of product Go-to-Market-Cycle

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