ATG 11.1 Forge-based deploy pattern

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ATG 11.1 Forge-based deploy pattern

When working with ATG 11.1, if we are looking to support forge-based deployment template, we have to configure “IndexingApplicationConfiguration ” ATG component.

CAS-based deployment template, record store names have format applicationName-recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen, dimension values record store is named Demoen-dimvals.

Forge-based deployment template, format of record store names is applicationName_languageCode_recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen that indexes records in English, dimension values record store is named Demoen_en_dimvals.

How to update “IndexingApplicationConfiguration ” component?

We need to create “” in our project at location “/atg/endeca/index/” and update it’s “recordStoreNameFormatString” property value, if we going for Forge-based deployment template.


CAS based deployment template


Forge based deployment template


Value of this property is a format string in which 0 is the EAC application name, 1 is the two-character language code, and 2 is the type of record store.

For CAS base deployment 1 does not appear, because record store names for CAS based applications do not include the language code.

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