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Index KeyDescriptors for RecordCache do not match those of the join RecordAssembler

This problem occurs, when record cache upstream from record assembler is missing record index. Error may look like below FATAL 03/29/16 23:08:15.535 UTC (1459217295538) FORGE {config}: The index KeyDescriptors for the RecordCache ‘Demo Cache’ do not match those of the join in the RecordAssembler ‘Join_Demo_data’. Therefore, the join is invalid! ERROR 03/29/16 23:08:15.535 UTC (1459217295538) FORGE {config}: DValIdServer was destroyed […]

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Convert HashMap To ArrayList

Two of the most used data structures used in java are HashMap and ArrayList. Inherited from different hierarchies, HashMap inherited from Map interface which represents key-value pairs form of data. ArrayList is inherited from List interface which arranges the data in sequential manner. Conversion of HashMap to ArrayList is not straight forward as there is no direct methods in HashMap which converts HashMap to ArrayList. Let’s see how to convert HashMap to ArrayList in java with examples.

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