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Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Experience Manager Release Notes 11.2

Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Experience Manager 11.2 is released with few of the known issues for different components. Oracle Commerce MDEX Known Issues (21658022) Flexera bug – Silent installation never completes installing to read-only directory (21696117) Non-ASCIIcharactersare displayed incorrectlyin licenseagreement during MDEX installation (21746398) Flexera bug – Some localized installer messages are displayed in English (21746540) Flexera bug – Uninstall does […]

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Why rel=”nofollow”?

“Nofollow” is a way for webmasters to tell search engines Don’t follow this specific link or Don’t follow links on this page. With earlier version of nofollow which is added to page level meta tag, is used to instruct search engine not the follow all the links on the page. For example <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” /> We can now add nofollow as […]

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