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ATG 11.1 Forge-based deploy pattern

When working with ATG 11.1, if we are looking to support forge-based deployment template, we have to configure “IndexingApplicationConfiguration ” ATG component. CAS-based deployment template, record store names have format applicationName-recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen, dimension values record store is named Demoen-dimvals. Forge-based deployment template, format of record store names is applicationName_languageCode_recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen that indexes records in […]

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Changing DNS and IP not picked up by MDEX/ITL

If there is change in DNS and IP address for MDEX/ITL servers, we update those in configuration flies which will not work unless, we restart Endeca HTTP Service. This is because JAVA caches hostname resolution information and therefore changes will not be picked up/recognized. So, simple resolution is to restart Endeca HTTP Service on ITL box and MDEX box, this will allow JAVA […]

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Difference between RequestDispatcher’s forward(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response) and HttpServletResponse’s sendRedirect(String location)

Forward method of RequestDispatcher will forward ServletRequest and ServletResponse that it is passed to path that was specified in getRequestDispatcher(String somePath). Response will not be sent back to client and so client will not know about change of resource on server. This method is useful for communicating between server resources (servlet to servlet). Because request and response are forwarded to […]

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