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Oracle Endeca Commerce Record Boost And Burry

Records Boost and Burry feature allow you to show products at the top or bottom depending on the values set for boost and burry. Endeca also allows you to set multiple sorting parameters when querying MDEX engine. For example “N=0&Ns=Price|1||Location(27,72)”. We can use this during Boost and Burry as well. How to add other sort parameter to records Boost and Burry ? Boost […]

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Precedence rules: Standard and leaf

Precedence rules provide a way to delay display of dimensions until they offer a useful refinement of the navigation state. They are defined in terms of a trigger dimension value and a target dimension, where a user’s selection of trigger dimension value reveals previously unavailable target dimension to the user. Standard and leaf precedence rules There are two types of precedence rules, […]

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Why did I get this results?

In this topic we will try to understand how Oracle Endeca Commerce text search/keyword search which is also refers to two types of searches, record search and dimension search. As its name implies, record search is process of searching for data whether it be part data, catalog data, document data etc. using search keywords entered by user. Dimension search, on the other hand, refers to […]

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Oracle Endeca Commerce Relevance Ranking

Relevance ranking refers to ordering search results by criteria that are relative to the search term. This is in contrast to common use of the terms “sorting” and “static sorting”. This is a recursive exercise to analyze and implement appropriate Relevance Ranking for an application for getting desired results. There are different Relevance Ranking module available for ordering search results which are […]

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Oracle Endeca Commerce DidYouMean

“Did you mean?” functionality allows an application to provide site user with explicit alternative suggestions for a keyword search. For example, if a user searches for “lapto” in sample data, user will get few results. The terms “laptop” and “laptops” however, are much more prevalent. When this feature is enabled, MDEX Engine will respond with the few results for “lapto”, but will also suggest that “laptop”or “laptops” may be […]

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Where is EDeN Content?

  EDeN Content Current Location Product Downloads Product Documentation (pdfs) Forums – New Content OTN: Support: Forums – legacy Content MOS: Support Tech Notes (knowledge tab) Solution Articles and Whitepapers (knowledge tab) Release Notes & Release Announcements OTN product landing page Release Announcements & Product Updates LinkedIn Community – Oracle Commerce Community Let's […]

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untar a tar file or gzip-bz2 tar file

Tar file can come compressed or uncompressed. Generally that are compressed using gzip or bzip2. tar, will uncompress both types and extract the files from archive. We can execute below command – tar xvzf test.tar.gz – to uncompress a gzip tar file (.tgz or .tar.gz) – tar xvjf test.tar.bz2 – to uncompress a bzip2 tar file (.tbz or .tar.bz2) – tar xvf […]

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Getting error when importing site

While performing activity for importing site to XM, sometime we get error like one below. This is because the .xml file that is created from site export process has application name hardcoded throughout exported xml.  When we try to import, there is a conflict with application name on target and site_import fails. [mydemo@localhost control]$ sh DemoStore.xml [04.02.15 12:07:26] INFO: Checking […]

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