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HWDI Scenario: Getting Coming Soon Products

HWDI [How We Do It] will be series of business queries and there answers using Oracle Commerce. When there are new products [example The New MacBook] which are coming to market and your website need to handle a situation, where you want to allow users to providing their email for future contacts and information as the device becomes available for sale. Also […]

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Oracle Commerce 11.1 CreateProcess error=206

When trying to access the Dyn Admin getting below error. The detailed exception is: Cannot run program “javac”: CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long Simple solution to this is by adding ExtendedJhtmlPageProcessor component at atg\dynamo\servlet\pagecompile\ location and restart sever. Navigate to ATG_HOME\localconfig directory. Create atg\dynamo\servlet\pagecompile directory structure. Create file and add below content to it      #atg\dynamo\servlet\pagecompile\      […]

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Running Elastiscsearch as a Service on Windows

Windows users can configure Elasticsearch to run as a service to run in the background or start automatically at startup without any user interaction. Script service.bat” under “C:\elasticsearch-x.x.x\bin” folder which allows one to install, remove, manage or configure the service and potentially start and stop the service, all from the command-line. c:\ELK\elasticsearch-x.x.x\bin>service.bat Usage: service.bat install|remove|start|stop|manager Let's Share

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Workbench and MDEX Connectivity

Few cartridges (Custom/OOTB) communicate directly with the MDEX engines for performing an operation and also communicate with the EAC applications managed by Workbench. Oracle Endeca Guided Search integration includes a number of components to facilitate both types of communication. AssemblerApplicationConfiguration Component Class “atg.endeca.assembler.configuration.AssemblerApplicationConfiguration” has properties defined for MDEX and Workbench config and many others. (For example baseApplicationName, locales, recordIdName, recordTypeName, recordSourceName, defaultLanguageForApplications, keyToApplicationName). […]

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