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Endeca application configuration files

Many Endeca projects requires applications customization to enable custom script behavior [For example taking server out/in service using Cisco Application Networking Manager and many others], processing steps,  or even changes to directory structure. The application configuration file AppConfig.xml located at “<app dir>/config/script/” and its associated files define various hosts, components and scripts are one which changes the way application works. Deployment Template provides a single […]

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Scrpit to stop dgraph, archive logs, start dgraph

DgraphCluster has an object’s applyIndex() method from the default “DistributeIndexAndApply” scrpit to create a new script within your Deployment Template. You can see this script in AppConfig.xml for your application. The applyIndex() method will stop the dgraph, archived the log files, then restarted the dgraph. <script id=”RestartDgraphAndArchiveLogs”> <bean-shell-script> [![CDATA[DgraphCluster.applyIndex();]]> </bean-shell-script> </script> Let's Share

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Dimension not showing in Endeca Workbench

Endeca Workbench doesn’t query MDEX directly for getting information on “Dimension Ordering” which mostly Endeca JSP Ref app does. For workbench to know the newly created Dimension and Dimension Values execute ConfigManagerComponent.updateWsDimensions() // If it’s Oracle Endeca Commerce 11.1 WorkbenchManager.updateWsConfig(); Deployment template Baseline Update script is configured to call this method after index distribution completes. Let's Share

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