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Resetting CIM

Resetting CIM will clear “Done” flags and all previously used values like database¬†product selection,¬†connection details and application server selection. To do so, delete the “data” directory in the CIM module. The full path would be something like “C:\ATGATG-versionCIMdata”. Running through Product Selection will clear all “Done” flags but keep previously used values. Let's Share

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Remove Endeca Application

Do not simply remove the Endeca application directories or delete EAC state directories (ENDECA_CONF/state/eac*) from in the file system. This leaves application artifacts, which can cause naming conflicts when creating a new project with the same name. Steps to remove an Endeca application: Invoke the deployment template command to remove the application. For example: <Endeca-app-dir>|bat –remove-app|bat –remove-app Drop the […]

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