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Supplemental objects not returning record properties in version 6.x

Once we upgraded to IAP/MDEX 6.1 from IAP 5.1 record properties are no longer being returned in Supplemental objects from dynamic business rules. Let’s see why? Earlier with IAP 5.1, record properties will show with Supplemental objects, as they are configured to be returned for record-detail queries (“Show with record” setting in property or dimension editor dialog in Developer Studio). Whereas with IAP/MDEX 6.x, record properties […]

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ATG 11.1 Forge-based deploy pattern

When working with ATG 11.1, if we are looking to support forge-based deployment template, we have to configure “IndexingApplicationConfiguration ” ATG component. CAS-based deployment template, record store names have format applicationName-recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen, dimension values record store is named Demoen-dimvals. Forge-based deployment template, format of record store names is applicationName_languageCode_recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen that indexes records in […]

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Oracle Endeca Commerce Record Boost And Burry

Records Boost and Burry feature allow you to show products at the top or bottom depending on the values set for boost and burry. Endeca also allows you to set multiple sorting parameters when querying MDEX engine. For example “N=0&Ns=Price|1||Location(27,72)”. We can use this during Boost and Burry as well. How to add other sort parameter to records Boost and Burry ? Boost […]

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Precedence rules: Standard and leaf

Precedence rules provide a way to delay display of dimensions until they offer a useful refinement of the navigation state. They are defined in terms of a trigger dimension value and a target dimension, where a user’s selection of trigger dimension value reveals previously unavailable target dimension to the user. Standard and leaf precedence rules There are two types of precedence rules, […]

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Oracle Endeca Commerce Relevance Ranking

Relevance ranking refers to ordering search results by criteria that are relative to the search term. This is in contrast to common use of the terms “sorting” and “static sorting”. This is a recursive exercise to analyze and implement appropriate Relevance Ranking for an application for getting desired results. There are different Relevance Ranking module available for ordering search results which are […]

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Oracle Endeca Commerce DidYouMean

“Did you mean?” functionality allows an application to provide site user with explicit alternative suggestions for a keyword search. For example, if a user searches for “lapto” in sample data, user will get few results. The terms “laptop” and “laptops” however, are much more prevalent. When this feature is enabled, MDEX Engine will respond with the few results for “lapto”, but will also suggest that “laptop”or “laptops” may be […]

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HWDI Scenario: Getting Coming Soon Products

HWDI [How We Do It] will be series of business queries and there answers using Oracle Commerce. When there are new products [example The New MacBook] which are coming to market and your website need to handle a situation, where you want to allow users to providing their email for future contacts and information as the device becomes available for sale. Also […]

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Oracle Commerce 11.1 CreateProcess error=206

When trying to access the Dyn Admin getting below error. The detailed exception is: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “javac”: CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long Simple solution to this is by adding ExtendedJhtmlPageProcessor component at atg\dynamo\servlet\pagecompile\ location and restart sever. Navigate to ATG_HOME\localconfig directory. Create atg\dynamo\servlet\pagecompile directory structure. Create ExtendedJhtmlPageProcessor.properties file and add below content to it      #atg\dynamo\servlet\pagecompile\ExtendedJhtmlPageProcessor.properties      […]

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Workbench and MDEX Connectivity

Few cartridges (Custom/OOTB) communicate directly with the MDEX engines for performing an operation and also communicate with the EAC applications managed by Workbench. Oracle Endeca Guided Search integration includes a number of components to facilitate both types of communication. AssemblerApplicationConfiguration Component Class “atg.endeca.assembler.configuration.AssemblerApplicationConfiguration” has properties defined for MDEX and Workbench config and many others. (For example baseApplicationName, locales, recordIdName, recordTypeName, recordSourceName, defaultLanguageForApplications, keyToApplicationName). […]

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