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Oralce Endeca Match Modes


Oracle Endeca, by default, will return results that match all of the users search terms for a given query to the engine. In most cases this is not desirable as it will require all the terms entered by a user match before a result is returned. For any query the match mode can be specified so that more desirable results can be obtained depending on the situation. In this section we will describe the match modes available.

Match Modes


This is the default match mode (if none specified in the query) and requires that the results match all terms submitted.
 Results here must match a partial set of the terms entered according to the rules set for partial matches. The following 2 rules are available in Developers Studio by selecting the “Options” button in the Search Interface dialog box:
“Match at Least” – this setting specifies the minimum number of user query terms that each result must match. If there are not enough terms in the original query to satisfy this rule, then the entire query must match. The default setting is 2 which mean at least 2 terms must match. Note – setting this to 1 will in effect create a match mode of matchany.
“Omit at Most” – setting specifies the maximum number of user query terms that can be ignored in the user query. If “Omit at most” is zero, then any number of words can be ignored.
This match mode will return all results that a MatchAll would return and possibly more. Also, if any Stop Words are included in the search terms then they will reduce the count required to match a result by the number of stop words included.
Using this mode requires that only one term match for a result to be considered. So for a 3 term search, results will be returned that match any of the 3 terms. This mode is not recommended for catalog applications and should be used with care.
This mode tries to match on all the terms entered and will return only that set if any are found. If no matches are found then the search will try for matches using the MatchPartial mode. This is the recommended mode for catalog applications.
Like the MatchAllPartial mode, this mode will try to match all of the terms first. If no matches are found then a MatchAny is performed.
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