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HWDI [How We Do It] Custom Sorting

Let’s implement another business requirement in our series HWDI [How We Do It].

Below is the conversation between business analyst [Steve] and developer [Lisa] team to implement custom sortingOptions using Oracle Endeca Experience Manager.

Steve: Good Morning Dev Team, we have a new requirement to give more control over sort options.

Here are the requirements:

  • As a merchandizing user I should be able to select multiple sorting for getting desired results for each page using Oracle Endeca Experience Manager.

As of now in Experience Manger we are able to select single property for sorting results as shown below.


We want to get more control on this and should be able to select multiple sorting options. Say selecting Best Conversion Rate and then display results for Most Sales and then display results for Price Descending and the display results for Price Ascending.

Lisa: Got it! We will do the required changes and get more control on sorting.

  • Below are details on how to use custom cartridges:multipleSort
  • Business use will login to Oracle Endeca Experience Manager and go the desired page for which he want to update sorting options.
  • Once he is on the page, go to ResultsList Cartridge and select the required order of sorting and save the changes. Backend will help to get the desired results.
  • At backend, we are going to use all the sorting options that are set in Endeca Experience Manger and Query MDEX for getting the desired results.
  • So, in above example sorting will be applied with “Best Conversion Rate”, “Most Sales”, “Price Desc” and then “Price Asc”.
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