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Dimension not showing in Endeca Workbench

Endeca Workbench doesn’t query MDEX directly for getting information on “Dimension Ordering” which mostly Endeca JSP Ref app does. For workbench to know the newly created Dimension and Dimension Values execute


// If it's Oracle Endeca Commerce 11.1

Deployment template Baseline Update script is configured to call this method after index distribution completes.

// if Workbench is integrated, update Workbench with latest 
 // dimension values
 if (ConfigManager.isWebStudioEnabled()) {

// Clears the webStudioTempDir ( Location:data/web_studio/temp/ - default paths)

// Copies  Location: data/forge_output/[prefix].dimensions.xml.gz to  Location: data/web_studio/temp/ - default paths.

// Updates Workbench instance configuration with latest post-Forge dimensions, Location:data/web_studio/temp/[prefix].dimensions.xml.gz
// If it's Oracle Endeca Commerce 11.1: Upload the generated dimension values to Workbench
CAS.copyOutputDimensionsFile("${lastMileCrawlName}", WorkbenchManager.getWorkbenchTempDir());
// Upload the generated config to Workbench

We can also run these methods manually from command-line without running a full baseline update, using control/runcommand.sh(.bat).

If still doesn’t show we are getting same error. Make ensure that there are no locks in Workbench, when instance configuration is being updated. Else the updates will fail due to lock resource exception, also review Location:data/forge_output/[prefix].dimensions.xml.gz or Location:data/web_studio/temp/[prefix].dimensions.xml.gz.

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