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What’s New in Oracle Commerce 11.2

Oracle Commerce Workbench Oracle Commerce 11.2 introduces new feature called project capabilities in Experience Manager. It’s control for business users to isolate their changes and publish them to the live site. Below are what Oracle Commerce 11.2 documentation says: – This allows business users to work on multiple sets of changes with different team members mimicking a real world process without […]

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Oracle Endeca 11.2 Unauthorized (401): Unauthorized access to workbench

When install new ToolsAndFramework 11.2 and run initialize_services.bat step. We get below error   [12.07.15 00:00:00] SEVERE: Unauthorized (401): Unauthorized access to workbench . Please check your credentials in WorkbenchConfig.xml/OCS. If problem still persists, please contact your administrator. Occurred while executing line 3 of valid BeanShell script: [[ 1| 2| 3|    IFCR.provisionSite(); 4| 5| ]] [12.07.15 00:00:00] SEVERE: Caught an exception […]

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Supplemental objects not returning record properties in version 6.x

Once we upgraded to IAP/MDEX 6.1 from IAP 5.1 record properties are no longer being returned in Supplemental objects from dynamic business rules. Let’s see why? Earlier with IAP 5.1, record properties will show with Supplemental objects, as they are configured to be returned for record-detail queries (“Show with record” setting in property or dimension editor dialog in Developer Studio). Whereas with IAP/MDEX 6.x, record properties […]

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Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Experience Manager Release Notes 11.2

Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Experience Manager 11.2 is released with few of the known issues for different components. Oracle Commerce MDEX Known Issues (21658022) Flexera bug – Silent installation never completes installing to read-only directory (21696117) Non-ASCIIcharactersare displayed incorrectlyin licenseagreement during MDEX installation (21746398) Flexera bug – Some localized installer messages are displayed in English (21746540) Flexera bug – Uninstall does […]

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Why rel=”nofollow”?

“Nofollow” is a way for webmasters to tell search engines Don’t follow this specific link or Don’t follow links on this page. With earlier version of nofollow which is added to page level meta tag, is used to instruct search engine not the follow all the links on the page. For example <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” /> We can now add nofollow as […]

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Spring – Bean Scopes

When we define a bean in Spring, we declare a scope for that bean. For example, if we want Spring to return same bean instance each time one is required, we should declare bean’s scope attribute to be singleton. Similar way to force Spring to produce a new bean instance each time one is required, we should declare bean’s scope attribute to be prototype. Spring Framework supports following […]

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Oracle Commerce Droplets

Droplets Droplet is a Servlet Bean to dynamically generate HTML from a Java Object. It minimizes the amount of Java code that has to appear in HTML and amount of HTML that has to be hard-coded into Java classes. DAF (Dynamo Application Framework) comes with a set of out-of-the-box droplets that can be used. The user can also create their […]

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ERROR: Could not open acquire_lock.status.

While performing few “emgr_update”operations, sometimes we get “Could not open acquire_lock.status.” error. For example performing dimension upgrade or performing set_template and other for Endeca Experience Manager. emgr_update –host localhost: –action set_templates –prefix MyDemo –dir /opt/endeca/apps/MyDemo/config/cartridge_templates -app_name MyDemo In the above example, we miss to add port entry, adding correct port will fix the above issue. C:\Endeca\PlatformServices\11.1.0\bin>emgr_update.bat –host localhost:8888 –app_name <appname> –prefix <appprefix> […]

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Resolve ConcurrentModificationException

This tutorial gives details on “ConcurrentModificationException” and how to avoid it. As per Javadoc, “ConcurrentModificationException” may be thrown by methods that have detected concurrent modification of an object when such modification is not permissible. An example, it is not generally permissible for one thread to modify a Collection while another thread is iterating over it. Let’s see things in action. Create class “” […]

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ATG 11.1 Forge-based deploy pattern

When working with ATG 11.1, if we are looking to support forge-based deployment template, we have to configure “IndexingApplicationConfiguration ” ATG component. CAS-based deployment template, record store names have format applicationName-recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen, dimension values record store is named Demoen-dimvals. Forge-based deployment template, format of record store names is applicationName_languageCode_recordStoreType. Example: EAC application named Demoen that indexes records in […]

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