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Result-Oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term International career.
More than 9+ years of track record demonstrating good analytic and problem-solving skills and ability to follow through with projects from inception to completion.
Strong design and development skills in Enterprise Search.
Working as Java/J2EE and Oracle Endeca Commerce Consultant.

About Me


Address : SEATTLE

Zip : 98121

Email : mandarshinde279@gmail.com

Working As : Sr DEVELOPER


  • Lucidworks Fusion Platform
  • Oracle Endeca Commerce
  • Spring Framework
  • Software Development Lifecycle

Lucidworks Fusion Platform









Visited different countries & met lot of people throughout companies. Earned love, respect & trust. Therefore I got some achievements to share.

Feb 2015

Tesco Value Award

Thank You Mandar for your patience, commitment and sheer hard work in providing Endeca support for multiple applications. In the last 6 months, we’ve never seen you saying “No” to any challenging task thrown across to you. You’ve been an excellent team player and we all enjoyed working with you.

SEP, 2015

Nomination: Core Value: Creativity

I am nominating Mandar for Creativity Award. He is having extra-ordinary creative skills. Only Few months back i started working with him, i observed his creative capability in every task. Always he experiment things and achieve new mile-stones. His new way of strategical and creative thinking helps to achieve great mile stones with optimal solutions. He is also having great quality of Knowledge - Sharing, This motivates others also to follow his way and brings success for all. He deserves it.

SEP, 2015

Nomination: Core Value: Client-Focused Delivery

He is master in Endeca, the way he understand the requirements and putting into implementation is amazing. With in short time he understand the Verzion context and delivering the stories with very minimal issues. He is very good team player and supportive to share the knowledge with everyone in Endeca. Keep up Mandar, it is pleasure working with you.


To enrich knowledge, I am lucky to get certified from several famous institutions in our locality. Here I enlisted my top certifications.
Beside there, I did some software certifications.

  • Certified Partner Consultant, 2019

    Fusion Challenge for Partner Certification This challenge consists of a real-world scenario in which a customer has a technical problem they need you to solve using Lucidworks Fusion. You will implement a solution for the problem and deliver a demo to our team of Search Consultants at Lucidworks.


    Elastic Machine Learning lets you get the most out of your data. Hunting down irregularities in your data is difficult and X-Pack Machine Learning will teach you how to make this easy.


    Learn how to collect system metric data using Topbeat and how to extract and ship log data using Filebeat to Logstash for transformation and loading into Elasticsearch.


    X-Pack: Security on-demand course of professional instructional video developed by Elastic engineers covering topics such as users, roles, auditing, SSL, realms and more!


    Learn the internals of Elasticsearch from a developer’s perspective, including how to write search queries, perform text analysis, de ne mappings, perform aggregations, and model data.

  • SCWCD (CX-310-084) , 2009

    Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5

  • Sun SCJP 1.4 (CX-310-035), 2007

    Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform Standard Edition 1.4

  • BE- Nagpur University , 2002- 2005

    Successfully passed in the year 2005. Completed Electronics & Telecommunication Degree.

  • Diploma- Nagpur University , 2000 -2002

    Successfully passed in the year 2002. Completed Electronics & Telecommunication Diploma.


Here are albums of my best works that I did in past several years. I studied, worked & learnt (still learning) from these projects a lot.
Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding my works / porfolio.


Visited different countries & met lot of people throughout companies. Earned love, respect & trust. Therefore I got some testimonials too.


Sean O'Connor

Mandar is a terrific colleague. He has developed an impressive depth and breadth in Kubernetes (k8s) in a short time. I enjoy his technical insight and rigor, while balanced with an engaging and collaborative demeanor. I could certainly say more, but only to Lucidworks management : -).

Technical Lead ATG-Endeca

Digvijay Raut

Mandar has very good knowledge of Endeca. He is the fastest learner, I have seen him learning ATG in very short period of time. You can ask him for any quick help, he is always ready to help you out. It's a great experience working with him. He is a good team player. I would like to work with him again in future.

Vice President - Applications Development

Tim Hawkins

Mandar is a knowledgable and commited engineer, who always contributes to our operation. He is well organised, and willing to fit in with the processes and proceedures of his clients. He is quick to grasp new requirements, and his background and knowledge mean that we dont have to define requirements down to the smallest level, mandar can handle the rest, and is suffiently in tune with our business and needs to fill in where needed. All in all a very handy man to have around.

Development Manager at US Auto Parts

Raul, Jr. Martinez

I have worked with Mandar both online and offline on several "Search" projects and enhancements. He is very talented, organized and cheerful person. He is technically adept to the technologies that are required to do the job -- from Endeca to Java EE, PHP and MySQL. Mandar is worth an addition to anyone's team dealing with challenging projects.

IT Manager

Shiju Paul

Mandar, as we call him, is one of the friendliest persons I have come across. The word lethargy is absent from his dictionary. He has excellent communication skills topped with friendly and helpful nature. His technical expertise mated with domain knowledge and zeal to delve into details is a recipe for client satisfaction. No wonder he is the de-facto person to look up to, whenever you need any kind of help. His dedication to his work becomes evident whenever you meet him for formal/informal discussions.

ATG Technology Lead

Ashish Kulkarni

Mandar is a very knowledgeable person. He has a vast experience in Endeca which comes handy while solving critical issues. His approach towards work is very good, dedicated and focused. While working with him I got to learn lot of things in Endeca, especially configurations. He has grasped ATG in very short span and going good. He is a good team player,and very enthusiastic towards quality work. I wish him all the best for his career. Its pleasure working with him.

Senior Software Engineer

Shivani Sharma

Mandar is my mentor and guide. It’s great experience working with Mandar. He helped me lot to learn Endeca, java and gaining new skills and knowledge. He is also a good motivator. He keeps himself updated with technology and share new things with his teammates. He is also a nice human being. He’s highly organized and has a good working process, but he is also flexible and adaptable at the same time. I would like to work with him in future.

Project Lead

Nilesh Bonde

I had the pleasure to work with Mandar for almost 1.5 years at Zeon Solutions. Not only he is good at handling technical stuff, but also he is a very nice and a helpful person. He always strive to delivers perfection in everything he does. He very good at R&D and configuring new softwares. He is reliable and a good team player.

Solutions Architect

Karl Arvin Almario

I have worked with Mandar for almost two years now. He is technically well versed on our technology and technical skills are great. I have not encountered any problems on communicating even though we are in different parts of the world.

Project Management

Remigio Panlaqui Jr., R.E.E.

His dedication towards work is notable. The kind of investigation and research he produced are well detailed. He can cope up in the midst of demands, tight schedule and issues. He is also a good team leader.

Senior Endeca ATG Consultant

Vijay Tambe

Mandar is best person as a Team Lead and also he is good motivator and helpful for team. I learned so many technical things from him special Endeca. He helped me lot to build my basic concepts of Endeca. Mandar always likes to share his knowledge among team and guide teammates. Personally speaking Mandar is very good friend. I would like to work with him in future also.

Systems Analyst

Pravin Chikhale

Mandar is best as a team lead and also a good motivator for team. He is very good mentor. He is very helpful. He has very sound concept in Endeca. And personally he is a very good friend. He is a great asset for Cybage and future companies moving forward. I have learned so many things from him about all aspects of project, technology (Endeca), work.

Technical Consultant

Jutika Hazarika

Whenever I have questions regarding Endeca Mandar is the only guy that comes in my mind. In fact any conversation with Mandar is very informative. He is very supportive and a great mentor. Thanks Mandar and God bless you !!

Project Manager

Rajeev Reddy

Mandar is a sincere and hard working employee. You can trust him for any assignment. He is good in managing customer expectations and reporting status updates.

Digital Commerce Solutions Architect

Tim Kuenster

Prior to Mandar's joining the team at Cirrus10, I used and relied on the information he distilled about the Endeca Search Engine on his personal blog as it was filled with real world examples and actionable information. That speaks to his passion and dedication to dive into problems and share his learnings, not only with his direct teams, but to the world in general. I find that a very admirable trait in our tech world where many regard knowledge as a personal asset and do not share readily. I've watched him take on many high profile projects and customers over the years and was lucky to be able to work directly on a couple of projects. Excellent self starter, I'd have him on my team anytime.

Principal Solutions Architect at Lucidworks Inc.

Andrew Shumway

Mandar is smart, hard working, and willing to dig in and discover the parts of problems others want to avoid and only talk about. That trait has served him well as he quickly became one of the top go-to people for questions and problems regarding Kubernetes and cluster setup.

Senior Director, Professional Services

Heather Cross

Mandar is one of the most dedicated and thoughtful consulting engineers I've had the pleasure of working with. He commits to whatever he is tasked with, loves to learn new things and is always looking for feedback on ways to improve professionally. He understands the value of building relationships with clients and becoming a trusted advisor. He is both patient and tenacious when solving problems. I'm grateful for the time we spent working together.


Result-Oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term International career.
More than 10+ years of track record demonstrating good analytic and problem-solving skills and ability to follow through with projects from inception to completion.
Strong design and development skills in Enterprise Search.
Working as Java/J2EE and Oracle Endeca Commerce Consultant.

  • Lucidworks as Sr Software Engineer 2020 - AT PRESENT

    Working on Search solutions.

  • CIRRUS10 LLC as Sr Software Engineer 2016 - 2019

    Working as Sr Software Engineer at CIRRUS10 LLC. An experienced consulting professional who has a broad understanding of solutions, industry best practices, multiple business processes or technology designs within a product/technology family. Operates independently to provide quality work products to an engagement. Performs varied and complex duties and tasks that need independent judgment, in order to implement Oracle products and technology to meet customer needs. Applies Oracle methodology, company procedures, and leading practices.

  • SapientNitro as Sr. Associate Technology L2 2014 - 2015

    Working as Sr. Associate Technology L2 at SapientNitro. Designing and developing guided navigation/search for a leading UK retailer using Oracle Endeca Commerce solution. Worked in sizing production servers to functional smoothly during peak season period. Worked on getting new functional cartridges for promotions and getting content from different end points. Create a POC to check performance on Endeca results delivers as JSON from Elastic Search.

  • Amplifi Commerce as Endeca Lead 2013 - 2014

    Working as Endeca Lead at Amplifi Commerce. Design and developed ATG Endeca integration for multiple client for give more control to Merchandizers, to update site based on newly created cartridges. Customized OOTB features based on requirements for Search and Browse. Created custom components to use Assembler APIs for content Item, content collections and Guided search services. Updated Assembler JSON format to fix with new format suggested by client and make it more optimize for improving performance.

  • Cybage Software Pvt Ltd as System Analyst 2009 - 2013

    Working as System Analyst at Cybage Software Pvt Ltd. Using Endeca as the search platform, worked to ensure that the site returned accurate results, handled a variety of complex search criteria, and provided quick response times. Regardless of how users find vehicle parts on the site, they are able to view detailed vehicle parts information and purchase parts. Worked on migrations projects where we have integrated data from different sources to make it work as one.

  • Perficient, Inc as Software Engineer 2007 - 2009

    As a Software Engineer at Zeon Solutions now Perficient, Inc. Worked on JAVA/J2EE & Endeca for creating TLD to display Endeca results to frontend. Worked on in house eCommerce framework created on top of Spring and Struts framework. Program in all tiers of a typical J2EE application (Front-end, Business layer and DAO layer). Managing entire lifecycle of product development and deployment. Lead team of 4 juniors to guide them for extending the in house framework to enhance Search and Browse site functionality. Written jUnit test cases for in house framework to create a test framework.

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